MPPHC Presentations

2022 MPPHC- June 15-17, 2022 Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan


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P-102-Public Health Law & Ethics 

Session 101- Working Together to Improve WIC Caseloads in Southeastern Michigan: Leveraging Diverse Stakeholder Engagement

Session 102- SWIFT ACTION: An Effective COVID-19 Emergency LOCAL FOOD RELIEF FUND to Pay Farmers and Support the Fresh Produce Needs of Food Pantry Networks Northwest Lower Michigan.

Session 103- Lead is an Invisible Threat: State Level Coordinated Response in Lead Action Level Exceedance

Session 104- Zooming into Service: Coordinating Public Health Practice Opportunities in a Virtual Environment

Session 105- Leveraging assessment, planning, and innovation to support Michigan’s older adult population and create an Age-Friendly Public Health System in our State

Session 201- Integrating Title X Family Planning and STD Programs – Service Delivery Recommendations

Session 202- Creating a Comprehensive Model for Suicide Prevention: A Statewide and Regional Approach 

Session 203- From COVID-19 to Chronic Disease

Session 204- From Local Concerns to Federal Studies — Understanding PFAS and its Health Effects

Session 205- Leveraging County Partnerships to Provide Actionable Data: An Opioid Surveillance Model

Session 301- Ready, Crisis, RAPID ACTION: A resilient and transformative partnership response to COVID-19

Session 302- COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Activities

Session 303- Promoting Vaccine Confidence – A New Approach to Vaccine Hesitancy

Session 305- Brand Ambassador Approach to Strengthening Local Public Health’s Local Relationships and Reputation

Session 401- Alley Activation as a Green Health Intervention: Lessons from a Partnership Project in Detroit

Session 402- A Community–Academic Partnership to Promote a healthy lead-safe environment in underserved Asian American communities

Session 403- Legal Lessons Learned from Michigan Local Health Departments’ COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Session 404- The MDHHS Social Determinants of Health Strategy: Using a collaborative, upstream approach to drive change and promote equity

Session 405- COVID Communication Issues for Local Health Departments:  Comment and Discussion regarding results of 2020/2021 Local Health Department Hot Washes

Session 501- Public Health Prepared: Assessing Training Needs of Michigan’s Infectious Disease and Emergency Preparedness Workforce

Session 502- Michigan Manual for Public Health Leaders & Local Public Health Services Inventory:  Critical Resources for Local Public Health Administration, Programming and Advocacy.

Session 503- Michigan AOS Group – Calibrating our Health Department Measurements

Session 504- Connecting Local Farms to Schools: Developing a Farm to School Directory to Improve Food Access

Session 505- High Touch, High Tech: Innovative model and partnerships to Support Peripartum Women’s Health

Keynote #1- Renee Canady- Essential, Exceptional & Equity-Centered: A Public Health Journey

Keynote #2- Kaye Bender- Supporting a Resilient Healthy Public Health Workforce: Public Health in a Post-COVID Era

Keynote #3- Stephanie Huhn- When Our Worlds Change: Understanding the Mental, Physical & Functional Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Public Health Employees

Keynote #4- Stephanie Huhn- Hope, Healing & Resilience: Reestablishing Wellness in a Changed World

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