FAQ: LMCH Work Plans


► Health Education and Promotion Forum

An advisory committee of MALPH, specifically focused on strengthening the field of health education and promotion in local health departments. Target membership includes professionals from the fields of health education, health promotion, nutrition, behavior health, health planning, communication, community health, public relations, social justice, substance abuse, and/or health policy.

► Environmental Health Directors Forum

Environmental health administrators work closely with several state departments and provide essential front line services that impact public health in multiple environmental health program areas.

 Management Information Systems Forum

A collaboration of local MIS professionals who meet to discuss trends and innovations in data management, discuss problems, and share common insights.  The Forum provides guidance to MALPH and MDHHS on Information Technology issues.  It seeks to enhance the professional development of its members. 

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 Nurse Administrators Forum

The purpose of the Nurse Administrators Forum is to enhance the health of Michigan citizens, based on our knowledge of Public Health Nursing practice, by providing effective leadership, collaboration, legislative outreach and professional mentoring for Public Health Nurse Administrators. The forum also provides guidance to MALPH and MDHHS on public health nursing related issues.

 Public Health Administrators Forum

Local public health administrative/finance professionals who provide guidance to MALPH regarding fiscal, planning, legislative and policy issues while offering professional development opportunities to its membership. 

 Public Health Physicians Forum

The physician forum (MAPPP) is composed of public health professionals – Medical directors, MDs, DOs, Veterinarians, and residency students with a primary focus in public health.