2018 MPPHC Presentations


The Changes Needed to Continue Public Health's Proud History- Auerbach
Ethical Challenges and Decision Making for Strategic PH Leadership- Melnick

100 Series

Leveraging Your Workforce to Extend Your Strategic Leadership Reach- Lantto
Living an Aha! Moment: Click, Click, Boom into a Stronger Reality- King
Harnessing Data and Collaboration to Implement PH 3.0 in Oakland County- Hribar
MiTracking: Integrating Environmental Hazard and Health Data- Florida

200 Series

Promoting Vaccine Confidence: A new approach to vaccine hesitancy- Mercatante
Galvanizing Cross-Sectoral Approaches to Alzheimer's as a PH Issue- Lepard
Syringe Service Programs (SSP) "A Discussion"- Truss
Communicating the Impact and Value of LPH in Michigan- Barna 
The Past, Present, and Future of Lead Abatement from the Lead Safe Homes Program- Steiner

300 Series

Leading High Performance EH Services- Joynes
LPH Participation in Research and Data Production- Roddy *Email for access*
The NMPHA: Chief Health Strategist in the Northern MI Community- Hirschenberger
Grasping the Dream: Facilitating the Adoption of Undetectable=Untransmittable- Peterson
Opioids, Diabetes, and Kickball- Washington *email for access*

400 Series

A Community's Response to the 2017 Flooding- DeRoche
The Wurtsmith Story- Bryan
The Hero(in) We Need- Maier
Extra-Dyadic Encounters & Consensual Non-Manogamy- Perry

500 Series

Volunteer Reception Centers- Upper
Birds, Bees, & Trees: Changing Conversation and Strategy to Address Sexual Health- Jourdan *email for access*
Marquette Area Climate Adaptation- Cameron
Building Strategic Partnerships through Shared Population Health Priorities- vanSchagen
Incident Command System Principles at Work- Deacon