Other Resources


Local Health Department Map, April 2019- addresses, phones, websites, and more.
Local Health Department Color Map, May 2020 - reflects local health department jurisdictions, including district health department


Legislative Directory- Legislative officials and staff contact information are available from this website.
State Employee Directory- State employees contact information is available from this website.
Rural Health Information HubLists health-related organizations in Michigan.


CDC has a robust collection of online databases for the analysis of public health data, as well as other information on almost any public health topic:
CDC Wonder
General CDC Directory
Public Health Image Library

Public Health Library- Library from the Michigan School of Public Health

WHO- Main link for the World Health Organization and their information

The Public Health Communications Collaborative has numerous resources (webinars, communication approaches, vehicles, etc.) to enhance dissemination of public health information. 

NAACHO Advocacy Toolkit - From NAACHO, this complete and concise toolkit is an excellent resource, especially for those in local public health (2022).