Public Health Advisory Council- - General link to meeting minutes, agenda, and reports, for the advisory group created by previous Governor Rick Snyder and continued under now Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Boards of Health

Legal Basis- Legal basis for the requirement and conduct of Boards of Health in Michigan; Public Health Code, Part 24, 333.2413-2424
Michigan's Guide to Public Health for Local Governing Entities - Updated by MDHHS in 2021, this comprehensive guide is designed for County Commissioners, Boards of Health, and City Councils.
NALBOH- The National Association of Local Boards of Health acts as a resource and advocates for Boards of Health.

University of Michigan Board of Health Training
Public Health:  A Primer Part A - Module 1
Public Health:  A Primer Part B - Module 2
Operating as a Board of Health - Module 3
Financing Public Health - Module 4
Contributing to Health Equity - Module 5

Partnerships to Improve Health Outcomes - Module 6
Supporting Population Health through Policy and Advocacy - Module 7

Boards of Commissioners

Michigan Association of Counties (MAC)- MAC acts as a resource and advocates for Michigan’s County Commissioners.

State Legislature

Michigan State Legislature- Main website has general information, directories, and legislative activity.
Citizen's Guide to State Government- Comprehensive Primer (2021-2022) to Michigan State Government.
An Ounce of Prevention: What Public Health Means in Michigan- From the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, this August 2018 report describes public health functions, the critical need for resources, and encourages a “Health in All Policies” approach for government decision makers.

MDHHS- Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services- Website   (clinical, educational, and nutritional programs)
Michigan's State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan, 2012-2017- Comprehensive narrative on the MDHHS Health Assessment and Improvement Planning Efforts in 2012.
Michigan's State Health Assessment Process 2019Comprehensive narrative regarding MDHHS effort conducting a 15 month assessment process. 
Coronavirus- MDHHS site for all things relating to COVID-19 pandemic management.

EGLE- Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy- Main Website (drinking water, septic, and beach programs, among others)

MDARD- Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentMain Website (food safety and restaurant inspection)

MDLARA- Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs- Main Website (Public Health Administrative Code, Marihuana and Health Worker Licensing)

MDE- Michigan Department of Education

Michigan Department of Education- Main Website (health education and other programs)

Local Health Departments

Local Health Department Map