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Three Key Plans for Accreditation (Program-No CE)

PLEASE NOTE: No CE or certificate are available for this program. However, you can take the individual courses for CE also.

This program consists of 10 total webinars from three Plan to Plan series that focus on preparing  those in governmental public health for accreditation. The first series (4 webinars) will provide an overview on strategic planning. The next series (3 webinars) will provide discuss the community health improvement plan (CHIP). The last series (3 webinars) will discuss the process of developing a Workforce Development Plan (WDP).

Using PH WINS Data to Enhance Your Workforce Development Planning (Self Paced-No CE)

PLEASE NOTE: No CE or certificate are available in this free version of the course.

This training module will help health departments understand workforce development and how to leverage a department’s PH WINS results to enhance workforce development planning. Participants will gain some background and context about what workforce development is, what the PH WINS data is and how to use the data in your workforce development planning, and other data needs to consider when preparing to start your workforce development planning.

P2P Community Health Improvement Plan Series (Program-No CE)

PLEASE NOTE: No CE or certificate are available for this program. You may also take the paid CE version of each course individually to earn CE.

This program is a 3-part series that will introduce the community health improvement plan (CHIP), address how to identify community health priorities, and address writing your CHIP.

To view this program as complete in your transcript, you must complete ALL 5 components within this program. Completion of each component will be tracked for program completion.