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Call for Presentations Due Jan 7, 2024: Maternal Infant Health Summit (June 17-18, 2024

Call for Presentations - Submission Deadline: Midnight, January 7, 2024. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Due to the popularity of this event, incomplete proposals or those submitted after the due date may not be considered for the 2024 Maternal Infant Health Summit but may be kept on file for consideration next year.

Please note:

STI/HIV Operations and Resource System (SHOARS)

The STI/HIV Operations and Resource System (SHOARS) is a new customer relationship management system that can be accessed via MILogin. SHOARS allows the Bureau of HIV and STI Programs (BHSP) Partners to engage with the diverse resources of BHSP. In SHOARS, users are able to create a profile and centralize interactions with BHSP. SHOARS improves the relationship between BHSP and BHSP Partners to efficiently provide services for Michiganders who are at risk and/or living with HIV and STIs.

2023 Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Initiative - Accepting Proposals

The Health Fund's 2023 Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Initiative is now open!

We're seeking projects that will increase access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity. Successful proposals will:

  • Address social determinants of health

  • Inform effective policy

  • Strengthen systems

  • Amplify the power of communities to achieve their health priorities