Public Health Planning and Preparedness Manager

Allegan County

Job Summary: 

This position oversees the activities in the Public Health Planning, Promotion, and Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) section ensuring a coordinated federal, state, and local alignment if applicable for public health planning, preparedness, and promotion to improve health outcomes. Responsible for developing, exercising, and communicating community health plans and response plans with stakeholders in the community. Manages the health department's capacity to respond to community health concerns with emergencies as identified in community health assessments and the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant Work plan. Aligning plans to optimize efficiencies and improve public health outcomes. 

Starting Wage Range: $65,478.40 - $70,761.60 annual salary
Future Earning Potential: up to $85,758.40 annual salary 

Excellent Benefits Plan:  Health benefits begin on the first of the month after your hire date

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