Webinar: AHI Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care

Meeting Dates: 
Friday, May 15, 2020
Meeting Time and Location: 



Even under typical circumstances, young people face substantial obstacles to receiving adolescent-centered services. The new limitations on accessing health care during the COVID-19 pandemic leaves young people even more vulnerable.

AHI remains fully committed to advancing innovative adolescent-centered health care, particularly in these challenging times. The goal of this webinar is to assist youth-serving providers in navigating this new landscape with a strengths-based approach. This webinar, Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care, will cover how to consider best practices in adolescent health within this new context, including challenging issues such as confidentiality. 

We are grateful to exist within a committed community of health care professionals who are actively working to create safe and supportive environments in the context of the current pandemic. We hope this webinar will help advance this work in support of adolescent patients.