Structural Racism and Public Health: How to Talk to Policymakers and Community Members

Meeting Dates: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Cities are vibrant hubs of cultural and ethnic diversity, economic opportunities, and civic engagement. Yet, these communities also endure complex health equity challenges. Many barriers to good health are rooted in structural racism – an unjust system of laws, procedures, and beliefs that cement racial and ethnic inequity. A critical step in addressing these inequities will be learning how to communicate effectively about them with members of our communities and policymakers. During this webinar, expert panelists will share key findings from their research on policy-oriented and public-oriented communications about structural racism and public health.

Session topics will address: * Evidence-based messaging and communication strategies to engage with residents and decision-makers across sectors * The intersections of public policy and public health in advancing health equity * The perspectives of public policy influencers and their role in advancing public health agendas Public health communicators will leave the session with actionable strategies and new resources to leverage across audiences.

Featuring: * Tom Martin, Communications Director, CityHealth (Moderator) * Elizabeth Green, PhD, Communications Director, Big Cities Health Coalition * Dr. Judith Monroe, President and CEO, CDC Foundation * Allyn Brooks-LaSure, Vice President, Communications, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation * Dr. Raynard Washington, Public Health Director for Mecklenburg County Public Health