Social Determinants of Health Summit - Virtual Conference

Meeting Dates: 
Tuesday, January 24, 2023 to Thursday, January 26, 2023
Meeting Time and Location: 




Registration Closes: Jan 17, 2023 @ 11:55pm

The Social Determinants Of Health Strategic (SDOH) Plan has three focus areas which the Summit will focus on: Health Equity, Housing Stability, and Food Security

The Governor’s Office will be unveiling a Proclamation in January 2023. The Summit event serves as the culmination and “call to action” to draw all State of Michigan Departments and external partners to address the topics focused around the SDOH initiatives.

Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities, takes a focused approach to align efforts at the state and local level for a greater impact in communities.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released phase 1 of the Social Determinants of Health Strategy entitled Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities in April 2022. Three focus areas establish the foundation for the Strategy: health equity, housing stability, and food security.

Through a multitude of engagement strategies, we are focused on:

  • better alignment of existing food security, housing stability, and health equity programs for a greater impact,
  • seeking opportunities to better align programs and policies with our state, local, and community partners,
  • and creating space for innovation through innovative initiatives and cross-cutting policies to address upstream prevention.

Phase 2 of entitled Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities will launch at the Summit.

In Phase 2 of the SDOH Strategy, we are exploring:

  • Community health worker expansion and alignment to support health equity
  • Community information exchange to maximizes a person-centered approach that incorporates social care information, promoting streamlined access to health enhancing, non-clinical services (e.g., social services and supports), helping to coordinate care across a variety of clinical and non-clinical partners, and using data on existing community resources, needs, and gaps to drive policy change.
  • Bridging our food security, housing stability, and built environment efforts to develop a Chronic Disease SDOH Accelerator Plan.

Please visit for more information about the Social Determinants of Health Strategy for Michigan.