MALPH LHD Medical Marihuana Education Workshop

Meeting Dates: 
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Meeting Time and Location: 

8:30am- 3:00pm

Location Address: 
Okemos Conference Center
2187 University Park Dr.
Okemos , MI
United States

This training is for all relevant local health department personnel.  Even though there are health departments without dollars, we are all in this together.  Please consider sending the appropriate staff to this free training. 

We will use the information provided in the survey, completed by local health departments, and have state department overviews and discussions on information/message/resource sharing, etc.  (We are still building the agenda.)

The overall goal is to do so well, that local health departments still get access to these dollars for the future and to assist local health departments who did not get funding to have information to apply next year (if we are given the opportunity.)