EGLE: Microplastics: Risk Management, Removal, and Source Reduction

Meeting Dates: 
Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Microplastics have become a global environmental problem due to their abundance, poor biodegradability, toxicological properties, and negative biological effects on aquatic and terrestrial organisms, including humans. Plastic debris enters the aquatic environment via direct dumping or uncontrolled land-based sources and degrades into secondary microplastics, the most abundant type in the environment. Various sources such as tire wear, artificial turf, fertilizers, and land applied biosolids contaminate the terrestrial environment. Removal of microplastics from the environment can be extremely challenging. During this session, the presenter will discuss various sources of microplastics and their fate and transport, human health impacts, source reduction methodologies, and technological challenges.

Speaker: Mala C. Hettiarachchi, PhD, PE Mala C. Hettiarachchi, PhD, PE is a Senior Engineer at Environmental Resources Group and an Assistant Professor (part-time) at Wayne State University.