Webinar: “Honoring Indigenous Parenthood from Conception through Postpartum”

“Honoring Indigenous Parenthood from Conception through Postpartum”

Presenter: Lindsey McGahey, IBC, IFSD, BE

Description: This presentation focuses on the world of birth work and lactation care from the sacred ceremonies of Indigenous conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, lactation, and parenting. We will honor a view rarely seen and often buried from Indigenous voices in hopes to further protect these ceremonies as sacred and mitigate the health risks in Indigenous communities by highlighting the importance of “by us for us” care. Indigenous birthing bodies are sacred. Indigenous birth workers are sacred. Indigenous parenthood is sacred.


  • Change the narrative of Indigenous parenting from one of disparity to sacredness.
  • Understand cultural boundaries and how you can be a ceremonial protector.
  • Examine the power of care as an offering vs care as power and control or abuse.
  • Recognize abuse in birth work.

Approved for 1 nurse’s contact hour, 1 social work CE hour, 1 dietitian CPEU, 1 Community Health Worker CEU, 1 Certified Health Education Specialist CECH, and 1 CME until April 19, 2023. CERP approval pending.

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