Legal Aspects of Public Health

Public Health Code and Interpretation

Michigan Public Health Code-The Michigan Public Health Code, also referred to Act 328 or 1978, provides the basis for public health organization, programming, and enforcement in Michigan.  Since 1978 parts of the “Code” have been revised numerous times.

Michigan Administrative Rules- Administrative Rules, developed by State Departments, are authorized by enabling legislation in the Michigan Public Health Code.

Public Health Law Bench Book for Michigan Courts- Revised in May, 2016, this 130 page document, from the Attorney General’s Office, provides a commentary on federal, state, and local laws affecting public health in Michigan.

Michigan Public Health Law Training- Denise Chrysler, J.D., Director, Colleen Healy Boufides, J.D., Staff Attorney, The Network for Public Health Law – Mid-States Region, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Presented August 24, 2017

Administrative Rules Process Summary

Public Health Orders, Enforcement, and Templates

Public Health Ethics

Singapore Statement of Research Integrity-Developed and approved at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity (2010), this is a global guide to responsible conduct of research. 

Mutual Assistance Agreements

FDA Long-Term Food Information Sharing Agreement (20.88)- Model agreement to facilitate exchange of non-public food and cosmetic regulatory, public health, and safety information.