Annual Public Health Awards Nominations Accepted

MALPH, along with the Michigan Public Health Association, annually seeks nominations for the following awards:

  • Roy R. Manty Distinguished Service Award 
  • Jean Chabut Public Health Advocate Award
  • Public Health Community Achievement Award

Nominations are due by Wednesday, September 15, 2021 to Jodie Shaver at

Roy R. Manty Distinguished Service Award:  Roy R. Manty was a giant among dedicated public servants.  He loved life and worked tirelessly to give everyone a good life free of disability and disease.  He reached many disciplines of life through his love and help to children, animals, and plant life.  His philosophy may be stated as helping the helpless, correcting the correctable, and assisting all people to fulfillment through good health.

Jean Chabut Public Health Advocate Award:  The awardee will be someone who emulates the qualities Jean showed during her life – someone who advocated for environmental or system change, that improved the public health of the population which they serve, especially those who are underserved. Through the awardee's actions, they have built strong relationships with key partners or have mobilized other advocates through their bold leadership.  They have overcome barriers to succeed and have done so with grace.

Public Health Community Achievement Award:  This award is presented to a Michigan agency, institution, organization, or foundation that has impacted the health status of the Michigan’s residents through financial contributions to public health efforts, significant improvement of public health in Michigan, exceptional innovation or service, innovative program development, research, or other significant support of public health endeavors.

The criteria and application documents are on the MALPH website, HERE.